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                        Home >> About DE >> ABOUT US
                        ABOUT US

                        DE Lighting is a high tech-manufacturer concentrating on the development and production of quality LED lights. Professional in R&D,mass production and LED

                        lighting control solutions. We provide high quality LED lights for a wide range of advanced technology and high quality LED lighting products to clients across

                        the globe including LED Panle Light, LED Tube lights(T8/T5), LED Down Light, LED Bulb light, LED High Bay Light, LED Street Light, LED Flood Light,etc. 

                        Adhering to ISO 9001 regulations strictly, most of our products get apprvals of ULcUL,DLC,FCC,TUV-GS,CE,Rohs.

                        Additionally, with well equipped LED lab,IES test room and automatic aging equipments, we are proud of our DE lighting quality control and track system.


                        We will offer you the excellent LED lighting solution, welcome to join DE Lighting !

                        Copyright © 2014 DE LIGHTING CO.,LTD. All Rights Reserved.

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